Sacred Vessel Tattoo

::Earth aligned :: Trauma informed :: Intersectional feminism::

Photo By ESME

Photo By ESME


Sacred Vessel Tattoo is an oasis in which to honor and adorn your body.  We provide sanctuary space for the ancient ritual of tattoo, connecting to life's deeper meaning or intention.

Sacred Vessel Tattoo aims to preserve memories, commemorate the passing of time, and adorn our bodies with personalized fine art.  We are here to help you to embody yourself in a positive light. 

We believe in the transformative and healing power found through the process of designing and decorating one’s body with one’s own unique vision and medicine.  

We believe that each person is a unique work of art in our own right, and that a tattoo can represent a way to enhance and strengthen one’s self-esteem and ability to conduct our lives with confidence.  

Tattoos are talismans, shields and symbols of protection or guidance, memorials to deceased loved ones. They are the stories of our journeys through lifetimes. They are dreams. They are rites of passage.  They are a personal declaration of who an individual is on a soul level, made manifest in visible form. Tattoos are universal and translate across all spoken language barriers. 

From the whimsical to the mystical, we are here to help you manifest your vision and transformation. Each of our clients is as unique as the tattoos we create for them, each tattoo a journey into new territory and new awareness. We respect our clients need for safety, both physical and emotional. Where will your journey lead you and how can we help?


woman owned and operated, LGBTQ and family friendly 


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